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US-2015326672-A1: Connecting public cloud with private network resources patent, US-2015333347-A1: Fuel cell devices for fire and/or explosion prevention patent, US-2015350279-A1: Method, apparatus, and computer program product for media selection for moving user patent, US-2015352912-A1: Method for associating tire positions on a vehicle having a tire pressure monitoring system patent, US-2016016591-A1: Method for calculating reference motion state amount of vehicle patent, US-2016129978-A1: Emergency Flotation Device patent, US-2016144407-A1: Method for sorting laundry items, in particular dirty laundry items patent, US-2016210070-A1: Information processing apparatus and flash memory control method patent, US-2016313664-A1: Optical head, optical print head, image formation apparatus, and image reader patent, US-2016321644-A1: Transaction processing method and associated apparatus patent, US-2016330688-A1: Method of Operating a Communication Device Operable in an Active Mode and in an Idle Mode, a Computer Program Product for Executing the Method, and the Communication Device Operable in an Active Mode and in an Idle Mode patent, US-2016361981-A1: Retractable roof vehicle system and method patent, US-2017023030-A1: Magnetic failsafe piston retention assembly, and related components, systems, and methods patent, US-2017024030-A1: Touch electrode layer patent, US-2017089137-A1: System and process for drilling a planned wellbore trajectory with a downhole mud motor patent, US-2015173820-A1: Skeletal manipulation method patent, US-2015202497-A1: Golf ball patent, US-2015225781-A1: Silver nanocluster probe and target polynucleotide detection method using same, and silver nanocluster probe design method patent, US-2015226251-A1: Assembly having two components coupled with fastening member patent, US-2015241905-A1: Glitch Free Clock Frequency Change patent, US-2015276237-A1: Mounting stand for multi-sensing environmental control device patent, US-2015276415-A1: Navigation system with device recognition mechanism and method of operation thereof patent, US-2016047114-A1: Catch basin grate patent, US-2016065704-A1: Housing, and electronic device using same patent, US-2016162789-A1: Event driven behavior predictor patent, US-2016217136-A1: Systems and methods for provision of content data patent, US-2016217482-A1: Use-based software incentives patent, US-2016249042-A1: Stereoscopic Display Device and Manufacturing Method Thereof patent, US-2017089685-A1: Wafer alignment device patent, US-2017200392-A1: Core 22 human training and weight loss system patent, US-2015177836-A1: Wearable information input device, information input system, and information input method patent, US-2015230187-A1: Power control for wireless LAN stations patent, US-2015245237-A1: Method for performing a measurement by a communication device and communication device patent, US-2015257944-A1: Reusable Swim Diaper patent, US-2015297915-A1: Apparatus for maintaining treatment of peripheral neuropathy patent, US-2016019570-A1: Apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium for providing survey patent, US-2016045352-A1: Guppy ergonomic knee assistive device patent, US-2016186698-A1: Fuel vapor recovery apparatus patent, US-2016232091-A1: Methods of Selecting Available Cache in Multiple Cluster System patent, US-2015197213-A1: System and method for inflation gas filtration through a tortuous flow pathway patent, US-2015210336-A1: Motorcycle Suspension Accessory Device patent, US-2015212047-A1: Test Method for Sound Wave Detection of Cup Bottom patent, US-2015219908-A1: Stereoscopic lighting device and vehicle lighting device using the same patent, US-2015230627-A1: Cooling unit patent, US-2015294702-A1: Electronic device patent, US-2017107944-A1: Folding door thrust reversers for aircraft engines patent, US-2015182489-A1: Gold (iii) compounds and use for treating cancer patent, US-2015249420-A1: Modular Motor Drive Communication System and Method patent, US-2016109325-A1: Method for calculating damping based on fluid inertia effect and fatigue test method and apparatus using the same patent, US-2016366341-A1: Image processing method and imaging device patent, US-2018020060-A1: Method, system, and apparatus for reducing the size of route updates patent, US-2015199764-A1: Systems and methods for automatically updating data representative of insurance related information patent, US-2015257275-A1: Wiring substrate and method of making wiring substrate patent, US-3646427-A: High-voltage light-controlled semiconductor converter patent, US-2015315201-A1: Indole and indoline-type piperidine compounds and uses thereof patent, US-2015339877-A1: Method for Integrating Games with Digital Media patent, US-2017114896-A1: Transmission shift fork patent, US-2017131921-A1: Rack mountable computer system that includes microarray storage systems patent, US-2015168045-A1: Cold Wrap for Beverage Keg patent, US-2015222159-A1: Internal closed loop cooling patent, US-2015271164-A1: Methods and systems for data entry patent, US-2015372518-A1: Information displaying method and information displaying device patent, US-2017107729-A1: Hole repair device, kit and method patent, US-2015223525-A1: Bra with interior stretch support patent, US-2016228979-A1: Friction welding patent, US-2016239695-A1: Chip card reading arrangement patent, US-2016252753-A1: Alignment system patent, US-2016283217-A1: Preinstalled Application Management Method for Mobile Terminal and Mobile Terminal patent, US-2017261917-A1: Developing cartridge patent, US-2016010583-A1: Remote, bidirectional communication with an engine control unit patent, US-2016050232-A1: Security information interaction system, device and method based on active command of secure carrier patent, US-2016057826-A1: An electronic ac line dimming circuit with near unity power factor patent, US-2015315637-A1: Bow tie dna compositions and methods patent, US-2015199367-A1: User-centric interfaces for information management systems patent, US-2016209604-A1: Traceable networking cables with remote-released connectors patent, US-2016292940-A1: Distance determination and authentication of a remote control key to a vehicle patent, US-2017052117-A1: Optode sensor with integrated reference patent, US-2015261595-A1: System and method for definition, creation, management, transmission, and monitoring of errors in soa environment patent, US-2016331545-A1: Unitary spinal disc implant patent, US-2015304748-A1: Loudspeaker patent, US-2015324234-A1: Task scheduling method and related non-transitory computer readable medium for dispatching task in multi-core processor system based at least partly on distribution of tasks sharing same data and/or accessing same memory address(es) patent, US-2016029510-A1: Support member patent, US-2016187364-A1: Liquid Suction Tool, Liquid Supply Unit and Automated Analyzer patent, US-2015337975-A1: Inflation valve cap apparatus and method patent, US-2015379239-A1: Systems and methods for management and scheduling of differential air pressure and other unweighted or assisted treatment systems patent, US-2016084304-A1: Magnetic bearing protection device patent, US-2016371516-A1: On-Demand Activation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag patent, US-2015190701-A1: Tennis Backboard for Excellent Rebound and Low Noise patent, US-2016050270-A1: Communication terminal, communication system, communication method, and non-transitory computer readable medium patent, US-2015329187-A1: Propeller and relative method for fine adjusting the fluid dynamic pitch of the propeller blades patent, US-2016034734-A1: Optical Information Reading Device patent, US-2016127479-A1: Efficient group communications leveraging lte-d discovery for application layer contextual communication patent, US-2015182340-A1: Condylar prosthesis for a temporo-mandibular joint patent, US-2015367277-A1: Alkanolamine-Based Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Containing Polyalkylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether, and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Method and Separation Method Using Same patent, US-2015218066-A1: Azeotropic compositions of 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoro-1-propene with hf and of 1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane with hf patent, US-2015222661-A1: Identifying malicious devices within a computer network patent, US-2015282444-A1: Hydroponic flood table patent, US-2015285591-A1: Dynamic targeting system with projectile-specific aiming indicia in a reticle and method for estimating ballistic effects of changing environment and ammunition patent, US-2015288006-A1: Fuel cell system glow plug and method of forming same patent, US-2015314663-A1: Road roughness preview with drive history patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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